How to get the Pride flag reaction on Facebook


Share some love on Facebook during Pride Month!

Android Central loves, well, love. With that in mind, we’re sharing something fun for those who feel the same. If you’re celebrating Pride Month and have a Facebook account, you’ve already seen most of the account tweaks you can add, like temporary profile banners. If you want to go a little deeper, Facebook now lets you share the Pride flag as a reaction to both posts and comments. It’s not a takeover of an existing reaction, it’s an entirely unique reaction you can share!

Here’s how to enable the Pride reaction for your account!

Enabling the Pride reaction on your Facebook Account

Like many other custom reactions on Facebook, you can opt-in by liking a specific page. In this case, liking the LGBTQ@Facebook page will enable the Pride reaction for your account.

Once you’ve liked the page, if you hadn’t previously liked it, wait about five minutes and you’ll see the rainbow option appear on both mobile and the web. This will probably only be around for the rest of the month, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Step-by-Step instructions

  1. Open the Facebook either through the app or browser
  2. Search for LGBTQ@Facebook in the top search bar
  3. Like the LGBTQ@Facebook page
  4. Wait five minutes
  5. Spread delightful rainbows as far and wide as you choose

Got it? Great! Have fun, and remember…

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