Swords and Sandals Medieval MOD APK premium

Swords and Sandals Medieval MOD APK premium

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The greatest gladiator series in the world, Swords and Sandals, has just gone medieval!

Gladiator, you are now a knight. It is time to switch your sandals for sturdy boots, for Swords and Sandals moves into the middle ages in this action packed, turn-based combat RPG. In Swords and Sandals Medieval you start as a peasant and turn him into one of the greatest knights in the realm. You will fight other knights, joust, go on quests and get up to all sorts of chivalrous adventure.

Classic Swords and Sandals fighting style, joust, go fishing, perform noble deeds on your journey to knighthood. Fast paced, turn-based combat, just like in the classic Swords and Sandals, against devious and clever foes. Go on over 60 quests and attract followers such as The Vampire, The Baker and The Silver Stag. Buy swords and sandals and weapons, armor, potions and magical items from four different shops. Over 170 achievements to earn and collect. Fifteen tournaments featuring great historically awesome knights like William Wallace and Richard the Lionheart. Build up your Swords and Sandals Medieval knight through 50 character levels and learn powerful abilities like ‘Cleave’ and ‘Smite’


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