Sudoku Premium Mod Apk v1.1.8 (Full Unlocked)


Sudoku Premium Mod Apk v1.1.8 (Full Unlocked)


Name of Game: Sudoku Premium

Version: 1.1.8

Root Needed: NO

Name of Mod(s): Unlocked / Full

Game Overview :

Sudoku has now earned huge popularity round the world for its brain storming challenges.

Sudoku Premium Mod Apk v1.1.8 (Full Unlocked)

Playing Sodoku game is an excellent healthy way to keep your brain dynamic and reduce the risk of inducing dementia, Alzheimer diseases, which we face while we age.

Sudoku is a stimulating and challenging mind exercise, besides keeping your brain active and energized, it will enhance your concentration level too. Now the billion dollar question is have you ever played Sudoku?

If you not ever played Sudoku challenge, here you go with this Sudoku app! The free android app Sudoku free is available for instant download on your android device.

It takes a few minutes to get stated at your fingertips! Try now! No worry, if you want to exit the game, you can keep your game paused.

Besides its amazing game value, the app Sodoku fun offers some more amazing features: Let’s check here.

Game Features:

3 Sudoku game levels: Easy, medium, hard. You need to play one after another.
The player will be able to erase and use pencil marks with auto fill,

There is provision of AutoSaving: start playing again Soduku fun from where you left the game,
There is provision of redo and undo: players will enjoy the benefit of auto save andcomprehensive hints,

You can share your performance publicly and you can access leaderboard, you can also access the score to know and concerned history.

Facility of selected digit highlighting, as quantified in settings
Facility of writing entry highlighting, as stated in settings

You will get the facility of submitting Sudoku game results and track progress online.
There is a help button, if you need any help from enjoying Sudoko fun!

Now download the game Sudoku and start playing. It will enhance your awareness level as well as will keep you happily engrossed in solving Sudoku challenge.

Full / Unlocked

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