SketchBook Pro 3.7.1 Apk


SketchBook Pro HD for Android

SketchBook Pro – draw and paint v3.7.1 Apk with the same paint engine as the renowned SketchBook Pro apps, it delivers a complete sophisticated set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Whether you are an occasional doodler or a professional illustrator, SketchBook Pro transforms your tablet into a powerful digital sketchbook.

Updated: September 21, 2016
Current Version: 3.7.1
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Entertainment
Size: 64M


  • The entire screen is your canvas with a full screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface
  • Control the finest details of your art with up to a 2500% zoom
  • Choose from over 10 preset brushes, including pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural drawing experience
  • Easily organize your sketches in SketchBook’s Gallery with multiple view options, albums, and flexible ordering
  • Save and store your works of art on your Dropbox account
  • Sign in with a free SketchBook account and unlock the Layer Editor, Symmetry Tools, and more
  • Choose from a comprehensive brush library with over 100 preset pencils, pens, markers, and brushes
  • Synthetic and Smudge brushes
  • Full layer controls with 18 layer blending modes, makes it flexible to build up your images and explore alternatives on your creative direction
  • Full Copic Color Library
  • Advanced Selection tools for improved precision – select items using Marquee and Lasso tools or the Magic Wand
  • Gradient fills tools including linear and radial options
  • Other workflow improvements, including new ruler guides and more
  • Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Autodesk SketchBook Pro 3.7.1 Apk

Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.7.1 Apk

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